The Unread Bookshelf

I have NO shelf control. I take any and every opportunity to look at and buy books: book stores, the book section at Target, the Grocery Store, Costco, library book sales and anywhere a book can be found. I choose books by their covers, I choose books because they are on sale, and on $5 bag days at the library book sale I choose books because they fit in the bag.

I generally keep my book collection alphabetical by author. These are books I have read or books that are not on my immediate to be read list (ie: $5 bag books).

And then there are my to be read pile(s). I keep those in my bedroom, in piles: on my dresser, on the tops of my two small book cases, on my nightstand. I also usually have a smaller pile on my dining room table. This has created a monster of a TBR and an unreliable way of keeping up.

I am a reader who always wants to know what happens NEXT after the book ends. Thus I am a total sucker for a book series, specifically YA Fantasy series. But the sad truth is: I DON’T READ THEM. I buy them with the best intentions but I have the attention span of a gnat and I often jump from book to book. While I often jump back to other books for some reason I never return to these books.

When I joined the Bookstagram community I found a group of readers just like me with piles of unread books. I joined a challenge. In ONE week I read TWO unread books. I started my own challenge, with the goal of reading all the unread YA series I own. After I set up the books and photographed them for instagram I left them piled together. Over the next few days I gathered all my unread books. Finally it hit me: repurpose one of my small bookcases to hold my unread books, and keep a pile of my immediate TBRs (for buddy reads and challenges) on top.

The Unread Bookcase was born. I put a moratorium on buying new books until I read through at least half of what I have here now. In the coming weeks I will be reorganizing all of my bookshelves to better incorporate the books I have read and *deep breath* purging books ($5 bag books, I’m looking at you) I am never going to read, finish or have read and don’t love.

The general TBR shelf is on top and the YA Series Challenge books are on the bottom shelf. Some of these books just slipped through the cracks when I would get excited about a new book find, some i started and never finished and some I just never read. Hopefully, with all of these books in one spot I will read through these books in the coming months.

With one week left in January here are my immediate TBR books:

Princess Elizabeth’s Spy by Susan Elia MacNeal (my fun book), Northanger Abbey by Val MacDiarmid (my book club book), The Cruel Prince by Holly Black (my only if I finish the other three book), and A Court of Thrones and Roses by Sarah J. Maas (book one of my February YA Series Challenge books).

7 thoughts on “The Unread Bookshelf

  1. I have Gilded Wolves, Golden State, and Stalking Jack the Ripper. The first two are on my immediate TBR, I’m not in the mood for YA right now so I kind of want to wait on GW and SJTR. I hope you enjoy Northanger Abbey. I can’t remember much of ACOTAR but I do remember that I enjoyed it.

    Happy Reading

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    1. Thank you! I really liked Stalking Jack the Ripper (the only read book on the shelf but I wanted to keep the series together). Its a murder mystery with just the right amount of thrills and chills. Golden State is likely to be on my TBR for February but I kind of read by mood so that is subject to change. So far I’m not LOVING ACOTAR but I really like it and I’m hooked and want to see where it goes. Good Luck with your TBR!

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      1. Thanks! I really want to get to Goldenstate in February I think. I’m a big fan of the dystopians. Plus I really need to get through my BOTM books. In March and April I plan to get through my huge pile up of ARCs from Netgalley so February will be my pleasure reading month lol.


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