Friday Favorites

Books With PIP! began as a couple of book reviews I posted to instagram. Within two weeks, I found a hobby I loved: posting short book reviews and pictures of the books with PIP! A few posts in I realized I have so much to say about books: they are one of the great loves of my life. After a lot of thought and some planning (but not a lot or I wouldn’t be me) I decided to start a book blog. Welcome to Books With PIP!, version 2: the Blog!

I plan on 4 or so book related posts here a week – reviews of both books I just read and past favorites, reading updates and other book topics. Fridays will feature some of my favorite things from outside the book world including music, movies, tv shows, sports and more!

First up for Friday Favorites is Jennifer Garner’s instagram , specifically her “Pretend Cooking Show”. Her entire feed is a wonderful mix of cooking, baking, farming, dancing and acting.

I first found her instagram when a friend of mine told me about her pretend cooking show. I watched every “episode” (they are only a few minutes long) in one go and then drove to the grocery (at 830pm – for me that is basically a miracle) to buy the ingredients for the chocolate bread.

As I write this I am enjoying a slice from the 5th loaf I’ve baked and it’s become my go to baking treat. Next to reading, baking is one of my favorite hobbies. Its so satisfying to start with a list of ingredients and end with something delicious & sweet!

If you have a moment, visit Jennifer’s Instagram, watch “Pretend Cooking Show” and try the chocolate bread. Serve it with a little peanut butter on top. It’s amazing.

*PS: I did not share this treat with PIP!. As soon as I got the shot I took the plate away and replaced it with a few of his favorite treats. *

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