Book Review : Verity

  • The Author: Colleen Hoover
  • instagram

This is the book review that officially launched books with PIP! I read a review of this book on Tumblr and I immediately looked it up. I love books. When I say that I mean that I love reading but that I also love physical books. I love turning pages as I read. At the time it was only available as ae ebook, with the publication date about a week away. I didn’t want to wait, so I read it on my iPad. I was so excited to read this book, and it did not disappoint. The minute I was finished I knew I wanted to post a review … but what about the picture. PIP! was in his cat tree and so I leaned my iPad up against him … and within minutes of posting the review I realized I had my “thing”: I would read the books, PIP! would pose with them.

This is the picture I took that morning, the first book with PIP!:

Lowen Ashleigh is a writer. She is in a terrible place in life. Her finances are in ruin, her career is suffering and she is a total mess. She is offered a job that can turn that all around by a man named Jeremy Crawford. Jeremy’s wife is best selling author Verity Crawford. Verity was in the middle of writing a very successful series when she suffered life altering injuries in a car accident. Jeremy wants to hire Lowen to ghostwrite the remaining books. She is invited up to their remote home to use Verity’s office and notes to finish the job. Lowen is hesitant, reluctant, but circumstances in her life mean she cannot say no.

Lowen enters the Crawfords home and life, hoping to get in, find what she needs, and get out. But nothing is that simple. And the things Lowen discovers and learns only pull her in further.

REVIEW: This book is so GOOD. It had me from the very first page. I read a lot of mystery / thriller books, so I pride myself on being able to “figure out” what the big twist might be or at least have enough pieces that I think I know where it all goes. I admit that I did have one thing figured out (I can’t speak for the author but I think she wanted the reader to see that thing coming – a red herring for to hide the bigger twistier twist). I thought I had tiny pieces of another BUT I DID NOT SEE THE ENDING COMING.

I read this in one sitting. I say that a lot – I read a lot and can finish a book in a day if I have time. This is that but it’s also – once I started this book I knew there’d be nothing else for me until I was finished.

How much I like a book is usually tied to whether or nor I like narrator or main character. I really like Lowen. I understand the terrible position she is in at the start of the story (broke, at a crossroads with her career … been there). I was just as captivated as she was by Verity’s story. It was the combination of both women’s stories that had me virtually turning page after page, way past my bed time. Hoover writes with just the right amount of suspense. The plot moves quickly and every word moves the reader to the final conclusion.

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