Book Review: Damsel

I am afraid of The Dark. I can last roughly 7 seconds in a room without a light. I don’t know why this is. Nothing terrible has ever really happened to me in a dark room. Not that anything could because I am never in the dark. Walking any distance at night without street lights? I turn on my phone’s flashlight. Walking from room to room after dark? I turn on the light in the room I’m going to then go back to turn out lights I left on behind me. Sleeping in The Dark? NOPE. I have a lamp with a low wattage bulb that stays on all night. Power goes out? There is at least one flashlight in every room in my home.

I think my fear of the dark is entirely because of my VERY overactive imagination. I like TV and movies just fine. But for me, nothing compares to the adventure of reading a really good book. Taking the author’s words and painting an entire world filled with faraway, foreign lands and new people in my mind. Reading is and always has been my favorite journey.

One of my favorite book Genres is YA FANTASY / SCI FI / DYSTOPIAN FUTURE. I think its because my imagination gets to soar – imagining a universe with magic and fairies and dragons.

My biggest complaint about YA books (and to be honest, books in general) is how often women NEED a man to “complete” her or give her the “strength” to conquer what ever needs conquering. The YA FANTASY books that I tend to read all feature strong women who are warriors in their own right – but until they find “the one” there is something missing. The message seems to be : now that I have a man and a good relationship I can go slay the enemy. I want to say: GIRL YOU COULD HAVE SLAYED THEM BEFORE.

I am not knocking relationships. I love the happy ending. But there is a difference between Wanting a relationship and Needing one. I wonder if we should be teaching all young men and women that as great as relationships are you can be a warrior and be single. If we should be teaching them that they can win any battle on their own. If we should be teaching them that they are no damsel in distress. It’s one thing to have allies and teammates. It’s another thing to repeat the message: you can do anything once you have found the love of your life.

  • THE BOOK: Damsel
  • THE AUTHOR: Elena K. Arnold
  • PIP! SAYS: 5 Paws

And this is where the very excellent book, DAMSEL comes in.

When the King of Harding dies the prince must go through a trial to ascend to the throne: go on a quest, slay a dragon, rescue a damsel. Emory’s father is dead and his quest ends with a slain dragan and a damsel rescued: Ama.

Ama is a blank canvas. She remembers nothing before Emory rescued her. Not even her name. Emory does his best to paint his ideal picture on her, starting with her name. But deep within there is a fire in Ama’s heart. She is no one’s blank canvas. And she will stop at nothing to find out the truth of her past and who she really is.

He had said something like that before … You are my destiny, and I am yours … And a little flame in her spurted up – Do I have no say in this matter?


This book is absolutely gorgeous – beautifully written and fast paced. I was drawn in from the first page: by Emory’s task and then by Ama’s quest. Ama proves her self to be more than Emory’s prize and in the process pulls off one of the best endings I have ever read.

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