Managing My TBR

I have always been a “mood” reader. I used to read two to three books at a time (I have pretty much stopped that since joining Bookstagram and writing about and reviewing books). When it comes to choosing which book I am going to start, or go back to, or finish it all comes down to mood – which book I want to read in that moment. This system worked for me for years between college and last fall when I had the worst reading slump and started about a dozen books that I DNF or quickly lost interest in.

Reading so many books in December and January was such a great experience that I gathered a really (overly) ambitious stack of books for my February TBR. I’ve known all month that in order to read all these books I would have read at a pace of three books per week and I would not be able to add a single book to this list.

Since starting Books With PIP! I have had more conversations about books with my friends than I ever have before. I love it. A friend of mine recently recommended a book to me – a book he has read and loved. The minute I got it I wanted to push it to the top of my TBR.

Me: I have so many books to read I could not possibly add one more.

700 page book I wasn’t planning on reading: Hold my beer.

With this in mind, and an unexpected day off (yay! snow day!) I have decided to read this book a little at a time in between my February TBR books – and if I have to stop reading it to finish my other books, it will still be there in March.

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