THE BLOGGER: KRIS is a lifelong lover of books. She reads everything from mysteries to thrillers to romance to YA Fantasy/Sci Fi/Dystopian. She reads the books, writes the posts, takes the pictures and bakes the treats. Most importantly, she feeds PIP! ALWAYS READING.

THE CATS: PIP! is a lifelong lover of food. He will eat anything from the food in his bowl to the food in Sam’s bowl, to frozen brown rice Kris spilled on the floor that one time. He poses with the books, sleeps in his cat tree, loves catnip and catnaps. Most importantly: he is the PIP! in Books with PIP! ALWAYS HUNGRY.

SAM is the stripey cat making special guest appearances in pictures when Kris is fast enough with the camera to capture him before he scampers away. Sam is a lifelong lover of the game of fetch. He loves a good lap. He is not quite ready for his closeup. He is still looking for that bright red dot that dances around the room from time to time.