Book Review: The Wife Between Us

  • THE BOOK: The Wife Between Us
  • THE AUTHORS: Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen
  • PIP SAYS!: 5/5 PAWS

It is, sadly, in fiction and in life, a cliched story: a man leaves his wife, for a younger woman. Boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, get married. Years pass. Man and women are no longer in love. Too much has happened. Too many disappointments. Maybe life hasn’t gone the way they hoped it would. Maybe the long hoped for child has never come. The woman stays, tries to do everything to make the man stay. The man leaves. The man moves on, finds a younger version of a woman who fits in his life. The woman is left with the scraps and pieces of a broken life.

In the opening chapters of The Wife Between Us this is the very story you think you are reading. Nellie is about to marry Richard. Vanessa was married to Richard. Nellie’s new life is in front of her, about to begin. Vanessa’s is crumbling without her marriage she has no idea how to live.

As a reader, I do not stay within one genre. My favorite books and kinds of books to read are usually phases. I will read a bunch of YA books or a bunch of cozy mysteries. Right now, I am deep in a Mystery / Thriller phase. When I’m asked why I read so many thrillers I always answer: “THE TWIST”. I love that moment when the author pulls off the twist and everything you think you know is turned around. I love to go back a few chapters and reread, looking for clues that I may have missed.

The Wife Between Us is an excellent thriller. It turns everything around: there isn’t just one twist at the end. There are several twists running through the entire book. Some that I guessed and some that I never saw coming. Nothing is wasted in Hendricks and Pekkanen’s writing. Every detail means something. It turns everything around : that cliche – man leaves wife for younger woman – even that lays the groundwork for a fantastic, twisted, thrilling plot.

This was one of the best thrillers I have ever read – fast paced and creative. I managed to read it in one day (and I do say this a lot – I am a total binge reader) but it was a feat for me considering how often I went back and reread passages and chapters looking for signs I missed. By the time I finished I felt like I already read it twice. It is still on my TBR shelf – I cannot wait to read it again.